Текст песни Rebellion - Breeding Hate

Arminius: Furor Teutonicus
Жанр: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Исполнитель: Rebellion
Альбом: Arminius: Furor Teutonicus
Длительность: 04:25
Рейтинг: 656
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Загрузил: a_q_u_a_r_i_u_s


Breeding Hate The legions are marching Roman Rules - Roman Lords Roman taxes - Roman swords Free Men - No more Subdued - Roman Law I see the cattle taken With the winter at hand Just to feed the soldiers That rule the land Forts standing strong All the trees are gone Heads bow to fate And deep inside - I breed hate Across Thenus up Lupia we rode Full of joy to return home I can't wait Looking for a prosperous fate I see warriors without pride Women stealing out of sight Blunt and rusty is the blade Just numb eyes breeding hate No more children on the street Just a dog barks in retreat I see not a prosperous fate Just numb eyes breeding hate Young men - Taken slaves To serve - Roman grace Women raped - As pleased To serve - Soldier's need I see Segestes smiling As a friend of Rome I see his riches growing And his work well done I am a Roman knight Should be a friend of Rome What I've seen of late Deep inside - I breed hate
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