Текст песни Vinnie Paz - Jake Lamotta

God Of The Serengeti
Жанр: Rap / Hardcore Rap / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Vinnie Paz
Альбом: God Of The Serengeti
Длительность: 03:55
Рейтинг: 898
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Загрузил: mir70b8


Sample appears at: 0:12 Cheyenne Fowler - "Come Back to Me" [Verse 1] Im running around the globe havin the time of my life Its no others its my brothers and we shine every night I ain't makin any moves unless the timin is right And my objective is to have my mother shining in ice I roll 4 5 6 on the grind with the dice And just stay away from Vinnie thats my kindest advice I'm Mike Tys' versus Spinks, lord I'm dyin to fight I drink drugs smoke alcohol my mind isn't right Eternal sunsine of the spotless mind in my sight I knock buildings over like I was Osama on flights I would dream about jordans I would die for the nikes We ain't had the money but my mother buy me the nikes You see I'm mean real mean like how Gandhi was nice I hustle hard real hard with the china thats white I don't fuck with yall, you simply garbage on mics I would kill myself pray give my father his life Hook [Verse 2] See I was born in the killin' fields It took me a while to manifest how I really feel I'm from Philly automatically a bigger deal I was always with a Lench Mob Chilly Chill See, it's a brand new funk that was really will I love rap its always been my Achilles' heel Merkin another rapper well thats a silly kill I just tell the pussy back off really chill I live in gun land, home in 9 milly vill And I'm a Pun fan greatest rapper really ill I don't judge music, whatever you feel you feel I make drug music, whatever I deal I deal Smoke L's and wakata I will a really build I got a brother thats a g he will really pill I'm an ape, I'm a monkey, I'm guerilla-willed I got hate, I'm a junkie, I'm a killers thrill..
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