Текст песни Vinnie Paz - Geometry Of Business (feat. La Coka Nostra)

God Of The Serengeti
Жанр: Rap / Hardcore Rap / Underground Rap
Исполнитель: Vinnie Paz
Альбом: God Of The Serengeti
Длительность: 04:13
Рейтинг: 1586
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Загрузил: mir70b8


[Verse 1 — Slaine:] Make room for the heavyweight villain with foul language Formally known as low-class but now I’m distinguished Hold that, corner to corner no room for foreigners Coroners performing their craft daily There’s a war and it’s morbid Twenty-four and it’s ease to close at his own wake Our chest plates, filled with ice cold hearts that don’t break Respect my g’s, fouls and rejects Respect those bullets bloody bullies battle for respect Any cities up inside of this northeast corridor We sported quarters of raw imported all from Florida Now the whole block’s flooded with cut coke We don’t stop leaving youngins gutted, it’s cut-throat Sometimes I’m rolling dolo in a stolen polo But I’m still true to my crew I’m never going solo All these cold winter nights that keep the ice in my blood I’ll spill the guts out this bitch and ditch a knife in the mud [Hook 2x — Vinnie Paz:] It’s Pazienza, Coka, goon music listen Stick you for the only pot you got to piss in Vinnie P. put the key in the ignition When we get back lord, we shine and glisten [Verse 2 — Vinnie Paz:] Respect my G, ya’ll sound nervous Respect everything that I do or found murdered Y'all servents, y'all blind without purpose Stay high walking with guns without permits Snake bite came in my life with foul serpent Amaryte blind from birth lord, he worthless All of y'all signs of ignorance is earthless All of my mind is viligance and churchless I don’t want to splash Ack ‘cause Allah made him And I don’t want the faggot P.O. to violate him AR-15 big it’ll annialate him You ain't ever gonna eat this is starvation Try to sell wolves chicken, feed Allah bacon Try to bite the hand that feeds y'all, violation Pussy boi get spotted like dalmatian Look for God in wrong place so he found Satan [Hook 2x — Ill Bill:] It’s the Coka Nos', Louie Dogs, murder music listen Stick you for the only pot you got to piss in Cult leader put the key in the ignition Bottle in my lap, full throttle twisted [Verse 3 — Ill Bill:] I’m like an exploding bullet in a clip Like a rocket cracking a capsule Like a lack to see planets that travel backwards through black holes Run towards conflict, play with dissipation Guns talk constant, slave in civilization So we walk like Egyptian pharaohs worshiping sun ra Walk up to your window with the barrels and dump shots Buck four in your lung, slumped over in blood Stuck over some crumbs, fucked over and done I teach a crash course in brain surgery So I don’t need no passports to orchastrate murder sprees Show you nothing changed, more than when the casket drop I’ll blow your fucking face off like maskatron Pop you while you’re driving make you crash your car Drop acid, yeah, tell you who to drop the acid on Look what the uzi do, empty fuse and anger god Shoot your funeral, tell me who to drop the casket on [Hook 2x — Slaine:] This is Slaine homie goon, chasing goon music listen This is the only pot I ever had to piss in The odds against me I'mma fight with my own hands These are the words I’ve been writing as a grown man
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