Текст песни Twiztid - Blood... All I Need

Жанр: Hardcore Rap / Horrorcore / Rap-Rock
Исполнитель: Twiztid
Альбом: Abominationz
Длительность: 03:24
Рейтинг: 610
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Загрузил: ev12


[Verse 1: Madrox] Blood, guts, infected cuts cover most or all of my soul Blinking Morse code when blood splashes in the eye Stab a couple hundred times Shit, I'm being generous, I saved all the rage for you You deserve the benefits Stab a couple more times Your body's like a blood sponge Break the rib cage and cartilage, and puncture both your lungs Take a deep breath for me Gurgle, filling up with blood Choking while you're tryin' to breathe, put that on my crimson love Shiny red latex gloves They say I be fearing it But then again you're bleeding like a pussy on its period Stab a couple million times This time in the face I will, watch the blade get stuck in skull Really accentuate the kill They say that your graveyard should never leave your head Or corpse alive, so I'll keep stabbing 'til your body's fit and dead Of course I saved all this pain for you, every ounce of agony Now I'm pincushion a voodoo doll, laughing while you're bleedin' out [Hook] (Blood) All I'm looking for (Blood) All I want is your (Blood) When I feel like I'm finally at my breaking point (Blood) When I'm thinking like "what the fuck am I stabbing for? I should not be stabbing for anything but your spinal cord" I'll just put another cut on you 'til the blood's all gone and the knife runs through When I pull it back out and I'll put it back in And that will be the way everybody's gonna end [Verse 2: Monoxide] Just wanna get a knife and go STAB, STAB, STAB, STAB Don't know when it might be, though Cuz it might be so in a frightening zone All I wanna put in you is holes, anytime I'm losin' control Just gotta find a better way to put a blade inside you, that's the shit I mourn Gotta keep going 'til I feel bone and I ain't talkin' thuggish and ruggish But I wanna get crazy, number one enemy of the public - Juggalo And I keep it scrubby, put a big cut in your tummy But I'm gonna need something lovely, when I decapitate your honey Gotta get my hands on something sharp and shiny Gotta take my chance and try to stab in a trailer park behind me But I wait for dark that’s when the racist remarks start to flying Out of their mouths, I’m 'bout to invoke a race riot Well I’m about to do my part and erase white In the rest of this crowd like a chalkboard And I got more knives than any store you can think of got stock for And a lock is not gonna make me stop I'm thinking about that noise that I just heard and I (gunshot) [Hook] [Verse 3: Madrox] Impale, exhale, entrails everywhere Stab me too, if you can 'fore you die Make it fair What am I, a masochist? So what if I love pain Stab a couple hundred times Sharpen knives and play the game Blood splattered everywhere, must have cut a vital one Blood loss, turning pale, tell me - are we having fun? I ain't close to being done, I've still got some blood in me Standin' there dripping 'til I run my life's expectancy [Verse 4: Monoxide] And expecting me to be anything less than a luna-T-I-C Is like holding your breath and then hoping you still breathe It's not gonna happen, I give my life to the stabbin' And like a flame to a dragon I like to burn everything That I've captured But I've stabbed so many holes in your body that the burning It doesn't matter, I'm a human disaster And all I wanna do is take a knife and go right through your back, sir [Hook]
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