Текст песни Proof - Jump Biatch

Searching For Jerry Garcia
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Proof
Альбом: Searching For Jerry Garcia
Длительность: 03:35
Рейтинг: 423
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Загрузил: Partizan


What's up it's glad to meet you, you say yo daddy beat you Pour out your heart before you start let me grab some tissue Okay, here you go, now let it go (I wanna DIE!) Listen here pathetic ho Want us to kill him for you? (No) I got some pills, you want 'em? (Uh-uh, I don't need 'em) Ah, aiyyo I feel you want 'em They called happy pills, here, swallow 'em up (okay) There's some water right there, go 'head gobble the cup That was Bacardi, wasn't it? It starts the party, doesn't it? I know your mind is like "no" but your body's lovin it (What's the pot for?) Aren't you hot whore? (Yeah, kinda) Come with me to the top floor Watch your step there (let's go, I'm scared!) Of what?! All this fresh air? Tired of beatings by your stepdad crackhead? (Yeah) All you gotta do is jump over that ledge (okay) [Chorus] Jump bitch (x16) What is you scared of? It could be worse I tell you what I'd jump too if you go first (Would you do that really?) Nope, that's no lie Cross my fingers and hope that you die (okay) Fuck this world bitch, let's get it over with (what?) Plus I'm soberin and I can feel how cold it is (brrr) Your daddy rape you too, what did he make you do? (this) No shit, shit demonstrate on Mr. Proof Oh it feels great, yo it's real late And when you jump, yo try not to hit them steel gates (okay) Inch you on the edge, now just move your legs WHAT'S THE MATTER? (Proof, I can't!) Do it the easy way, load a gun and go to high school (mm-hmm) Or jump cause nobody in the world likes you [gasp] I've done it twice already, look I'm alive (Really?) Yeah just think of a swan and dive (okay) [Chorus] You startin to bore me Lori, got people waitin for me And you scared to jump a little fuckin fourteen stories? The fuckin nerve of you (I'm sorry Harry!) It's too late, I hate you, don't even bother Sherry! (My name is Nikki though) BITCH, what's the difference? Cut the small talk, and let's conduct some business Get to fuckin jumpin, or I'm pushin somethin I'd call a lifeline but my cell phone wouldn't function (The E punched in!) Do you see somethin? (yeah) There's your boyfriend on the edge, you should be huggin (hey) You wanna kiss him, go and feel his ass (I want to!) Three seconds later you feel some grass See I'm not scared to stand up here Now come on and hold my hand up here (Do I wanna die? The answer's in my head) Bitch quit thinkin, look I'm dancin on the ED-AHHHHHHHHHH.. (damn!) [Chorus]
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