Текст песни Deep Purple - Ramshackle Man

The Battle Rages On
Жанр: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Deep Purple
Альбом: The Battle Rages On
Длительность: 05:34
Рейтинг: 5390
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Загрузил: Static-X-Forever


My clothes don't fit and I have no point of view I got a bad reputation but I don't believe it's true I had something going but I blew it down the can Not exactly what I planned I'm a ramshackle man That's what I am I look like a joker but I feel like a one eyed jack Shuffling around never get to the top of the park I said to the dealer put the ace in my hand But he couldn't give a damn I'm a ramshackle man That's what I am I sit down thinking bout the things I have to do I start out fine then I pick up something new Stumbled through the door that's how it all began Now it's buried in the sand I'm a ramshackle man That's what I am The stars shine bright when the boys come out to play Never feeling more than I'm feeling right here today I used to be fresh but now I'm second hand I do what I can I'm a ramshackle man That's what I am
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