Текст песни Jeff Lynne - Mercy, Mercy

Long Wave
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Jeff Lynne
Альбом: Long Wave
Длительность: 02:53
Рейтинг: 3362
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Загрузил: valda005


Have mercy Have mercy, baby Umm, have mercy, yeah Have mercy on me Well, I went to see a gypsy And had my fortune read She said-a, 'Don, you're baby's gonna leave you Her bag is packed up under the bed' I cried, 'Have mercy' Have mercy baby, yeah Have mercy, yeah Have mercy on me I said-a if you leave me, baby Girl, if you're puttin' me down Well, I'm a-goin' to the nearest river, child An jump (jump) overboard (jump) And drown (jump, jump, jump) But don't leave me Have mercy Have mercy, baby Mercy, yeah Have mercy Have mercy on me Well now, hey-hey, baby Hey-hey, now What you tryin' to do, huh? Hey-hey, baby, hey-hey, now Please don't say we're through I said if you stay here, baby I tell ya what I'm gonna do I'm gonna work two jobs Seven days a week An bring my money home to you (Bring it, bring it) But well, I said, 'Mercy' (Mercy) Mercy (Mercy) Mercy! (Mercy) (Ooo-yee-aaah)
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