Текст песни Seremedy - No Escape

Welcome To Our Madness
Жанр: Alternative Metal / Visual Kei
Исполнитель: Seremedy
Альбом: Welcome To Our Madness
Длительность: 03:50
Рейтинг: 1014
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: 40fx48zf


(Verse 1) So many voices in my head. There is no way to end this. So full of sin but in the way, I never knew about this. There was no choice I had to make. These dreams are never ending. I see you run away from me. You'll never know how I feel. (Chorus) I cry in vain, To break them all illusions made by me. There's no escape. These walls were made by my hands (Verse 2) So many voices in my head. So full of sin but it's ok. I keep running away from me. Right before my eyes, I can see; I wont be anymore. (You will never know how i feel) (Chorus x2) (Instrumental) (Chorus x2)
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