Текст песни Laibach - Abuse and Confession

Jesus Christ Superstars
Жанр: Industrial / Industrial Metal
Исполнитель: Laibach
Альбом: Jesus Christ Superstars
Длительность: 06:13
Рейтинг: 1413
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Загрузил: direktorKatka


You've been Sacrificed Crucified Sanctified Glorified Braised Lord Lord God! You've been Sacrificed Bilified Demonised Mortified Shamed You gave me flesh and blood And the will and the way To serve Thee, my Lord Until Judgement day It was written in stone You had a mission to save Why give me desire Just to prove I'm depraved? But were You not tempted, my Lord When You became flesh? Did Your desire not rise At the sound of a woman's breath? Lord Lord Christ! You've been Satirised Sermonised Scandalised Terrorised Cursed Here I am Damned Cursed Destroyed It was written in the book That You must die on the cross And it was written That I must betray You Otherwise man would be lost Would be lost What about me? Don't turn Your back on me As it was written, so I must do And this kiss on Your cheek Proves my love for You No greater love Hath no man that I Who would sacrifice eternity For one kiss For humanity For humanity Lord Lord Christ! I've been Satirised Terrorised Demonised Scandalised Damned Why me, Lord Was it because I was Judas baptised? Your mission has failed Your mission has failed Your mission has failed You failed the word
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