Текст песни Big & Rich - Born Again

Hillbilly Jedi
Жанр: Country Music
Исполнитель: Big & Rich
Альбом: Hillbilly Jedi
Длительность: 03:55
Рейтинг: 501
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Загрузил: a_q_u_a_r_i_u_s


Did you miss me, well I ain’t been gone I been making little babies, I been writing big songs Come and kiss me, yeah it’s been too long Since we tore a town down like King Kong A lot of young guns try to fill these boots They want the green without the black and blue They don’t understand and this ain’t just talking I’ve been a dead man walking [Chorus:] Born again Yes I’m born again I’ll be white knuckle gripping when I spit in the wind Riding high in the saddle with a six string grin I’m born again I been born again Another headline, yeah we’re back in the news Hillbilly Jedis with attitude We come to raise the roof in your backyard We put the lightning back in a jar [Chorus] Your witnessing the evolution of a country revolution It’s a congregation for the melody All you country sons and daughters Get down in the dirty water Make you holler make you wanna set it free [Chorus]
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