Текст песни Young Jeezy - Everything

The Recession
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Young Jeezy
Альбом: The Recession
Длительность: 04:41
Рейтинг: 662
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Загрузил: Doctor


CHORUS I’m married to the game & she even got a wedding ring, 6 white cars and I put that on erthang, White Benz White Porsche White Bent White Range White Bent White Range All white erthang All white erthang All white erthang (I’m about to kill em this summer, I’m doin all white erthang) X2 White Bent White Pit Even got a white bitch When I say white I mean whiter than a light switch White This White That In my white sox hat Use to hide them white packs, where my white socks at Nigga say he sold white HE tellin a white lie Never sold no white And aint never seen no white pie Man I swear to god I’m being followed by a white guy On your boy man I mean harder than a white top White row, white wheels, whiter than some white pills White F-550 sittin on some white heels Niggas thinking furs for the winter I’m thinking White Fox Pull up in a white Ford Duley on some white shox CHORUS White Lac White Lang Both got white suede Big white crib Inside gotta white maid White sinks, white tiles, white rags, white towels, When I say white I mean whiter than the white house White couch, White pillows White killa white realos (?) Since we talking white just know I had a white plug White doors, White walls, even got some white halls, Bathroom coc white, floors, and the white stalls Whtie man, white yard, white trees, white leaves Go in get my mail in a pair of white spike lees Ya’ll think I’m trippin when I say I want a white horse Right inside the 5-9-9 I see the white Porsche CHORUS I got a all white Harley Jets even match my boat man Get them white boy checks ask my white postman White socks, white draws, Polo white tee Triple white turbo: Oh I think she likes me Pass right by a white flash like what was that Niggas still wearing fruity stones man who does that White platinum gold rooley with the white stones Looking better than Lisa Ray in a white thong Somewhere on a white beach In some white sand Laying in a white bucket Million white snowman White sky white clouds, you say it’s a white day White sky white clouds, I say it look like fat CHORUS x2
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