Текст песни Ludacris - Pass Out

The Red Light District
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Ludacris
Альбом: The Red Light District
Длительность: 04:21
Рейтинг: 1549
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Загрузил: SCANDA


[Chorus 2X: Ludacris] If you a lame motherfucker, get yo' ass out! I'm from the A, I came to party 'til I pass out! So if you with me and you tipsy throw your fist up! If you got diamonds and they shinin throw your wrist up! [Ludacris] Hey hey It's Luda Luda get it right I'm Mr Money Machine And I'm steady lookin for two women I can come in between You can catch me chillin up in the cut but I'm always ready for ac-tion I'm stunt, like Jackie Chan and lay low, like Reebie Jack-son Ma-xin and rela-xin, haters, do they really wanna test me mannnn I got an arsenal waitin, do they really wanna catch me mannnn No, I, don't, think, so I've, got killers on the pay-roll if there's a, problem then say-so I, make dough until there's none left I run with plenty gangs that's holdin thangs and rearrange your frame in one breath So to keep on breathin I suggest you take this beatin 'Tis the season for bleedin and we've been lookin for a reason [Chorus] [Ludacris] Hey hey Come holla at me, I'm a star, I got the hood on smash You know me! My whole car smell like a woodshop class I point 'em out like her, her, that girl with the mouth plus you and your friends Let me show you some whips that don't come out 'til the year of 2010 So I'm flockin 'em in, 'til the droptop is rockin again Boy I got it locked, if you think not, then you'll get popped in the chin And I'm clockin these ends, my record sales are blockin 'em in Gotta thank those blessed to walk the streets to those that's locked in the pen My entourage is game faces, mean muggin, mean muggin Now the media is convinced that we thuggin, we thuggin Momma told me grow up to be somethin, be somethin I went diamond with this album so we buckin, we buckin [Chorus] [Ludacris] I'm so far ahead it's only RIGHT for you to hate on me mayne When I'm pushin 90 by myself up in the HOB lane They tryin to figure how many mo' women that I can take on my plane Bein one of the few rappers responsible for changin the game Now desperate artists tryin to sue but they just makin some claims Can't get in the spotlight for NOTHIN and it just makes 'em insane That's why some of the niggaz resort right back to bakin that 'caine And sellin it off to junky monkeys who keep bakin they brain As they grow older they'll be feelin a lot of achin and pain So right at the head they might as well just be aimin that thang And you ain't helpin the process out by always cakin these dames But it is hard givin up the place where they be shakin they thangs [Chorus]
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