Текст песни Blood Stain Child - Peacemaker

Anime Music
Жанр: Metal / Melodic Death / J-Rock
Исполнитель: Blood Stain Child
Альбом: Anime Music
Длительность: 03:34
Рейтинг: 1252
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: yasha999


--Someday..someway...-- somebody crying --sometime..someday..-- call my woe.. Why do you smite your grief? Are you all right? --damned toll's tone-- your smile is despoiled as you fail make-up --is your all birthday-- why do you prime your fleece? are you all right? --can fights count down (for) sail?-- your smile despoiled as you feel seasick "can't stop a stained crime" no way..we're killing each other... your conjurer dispraises the summer (of) real ice realize! before the end of breakdown --we lost a dilemma-- you bet! a spaceship has a shaver! --a forward lady and spirit-- it's time for sailing away! why do you slide my dream? are you all right? --no waited sunrise-- you waited (for) sailing weather as i'm still waiting "can't stop a stained rime" realize! before the end of breakdown --we lost a defence-- watching! a spaceship in the corner! --you liked to preach in the sin..damn..-- no way! the big wave is coming! --your darling covered your soul-- you bet! a spaceship has a shaver! --you liked a mother wild oat-- it's time for sailing away! "can't stop a dawn to gray" we search halo we're killing each other "can't stop a night storm" we search halo don't worry... far away..
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