Текст песни Joey Badass - Survival Tactics

Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Joey Badass
Альбом: 1999
Длительность: 03:23
Рейтинг: 539
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AndrewCG


Niggas don't want war I'm a martian with an army of spartans Sparring with a knife in a missile fight Get your intel right, your intelligence is irrelevant But it's definite I spit more than speech impediments Brooklyn's the residence, the best and it's evident We got them niggas P-E-Nuts, like they elephants Throw 'em in a trunk if they hate though We don't give a fuck as long as we collect our pay, so Ya'll collect pesos, ya money ain't right here I got them girls next to the wood like they lightyear, I'm right chea Tryna get a buzz, tryna pollinate STEEZ got that presidential shit out to inaugurate My P.E conglomerates bout to P-E-E on any wanna B-E, weak MC Air 'em out to leave 'em empty congratulate the semi-auto Fire flame spitter like komodo No time for fake people, they be simmin' like Kimora I'm the empor-ah in search of the adora, my heart go: *Ba boom Ba boom Ba boom boom Ba boom* It's panic like Dora when shots blast See I was raised that way, I'm from the place where they raise that K Like every day in every way and every where you go, just ain't safe The only thing that I can say, to you is pray Cause when niggas start equippin' And throw the clip in Your blood drippin' And got you slippin' Another victim Don't know whats hit them, through his spinal Just another man who defeated by survival That's your biggest rival, in your whole life These bars you can't handle you better hold tight They sayin' I'm the best, I'm like you're so right Still ain't got enough shine to last the whole night, nigga [Interlude] Yo, fuck the police nigga Fuck every ass corrupt politician on Wall Street P.E, Public Enemy, Assassinate us, bitch Fuck that, fuck everything son Fuck government, Fuck, listenin' and shit You want fuckin' energy? Dickheads
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