Текст песни Underoath - The Created Void

Lost In The Sound Of Separation
Жанр: Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: Underoath
Альбом: Lost In The Sound Of Separation
Длительность: 04:02
Рейтинг: 553
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Загрузил: freeza


Let’s do this for each other Let’s do this for truth I give for you, you give for me Let me take you somewhere I can’t explain I’m stumbling right in front of you now I won’t refrain from guiding you there Normal is not so far Was it just a dream Or something much more We are not alone Since you agreed to follow It’s all in my head, if you want, you can look inside There’s nothing but red and all the mess I’ve been It’s all in the way I say what I don’t mean, and mean what I don’t I need to speak of you and what is real They will never understand What eats at our insides
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