Текст песни Meshuggah - Abnegating Cecity

Contradictions Collapse
Жанр: Technical Thrash
Исполнитель: Meshuggah
Альбом: Contradictions Collapse
Длительность: 06:29
Рейтинг: 1323
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Загрузил: Lozarg


Your words such unessential lies Refract my barred up eyes You all tell me I'm confined in my "shell of hallucinations" So try and make me realise Break my secure enclosure Just try and I know you'll make me laugh To hell with your damn comprehension You belabour me for past and present mishaps as if I had the might of alteration You've had your trips into my brain, I know you begrudge Now let me leave for my amenity So you see, you whitecoated freak I don't need your allegations Instead join me to sanity's end with my sweet needle of salvation Increasing needs OF MY ONLY FRIEND The one I trust He runs in my veins HIDES ME AWAY Under his soothing crust MADNESS REIGNS You're no longer in charge of my alluring illusions that takes me wherever I want, my MALNUTRIATED MALICE rises strong and makes me the ruler of EARTH, WIND AND FIRE as reality fades, I'm a king on clouds The selfpity no longer runs in my veins I'm a MALEVOLENT REVELATION please let me stay, GIVE ME MORE LEFT OUT, Dragged down into emptyness Drowning in floods of misunderstanding WHY do you all look aside, You're ripping my dignity AWAY Inside identity is leaking out REALIZATION is catching up on me My needs bashes false immortality into my affected being...chaos Cravings of delight slowly eats my soul Trapped within myself Defraying my own lies Bewalling my demise Deep penury...internally I feel marred by errors, can't you see my desires are calling for me The sovereign of abnegations, swings his feelers for a new relation Come, mesmerize my oppressive mind Tear apart these vehement cravings Give me something to live for, bring me back from my purgatory of obsessions Increasing needs OF MY ONLY FRIEND The one I trust He runs in my veins HIDES ME AWAY Under his soothing crust
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