Текст песни All Ends - Treat Me Right

All Ends
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal / Gothic Metal
Исполнитель: All Ends
Альбом: All Ends
Длительность: 03:20
Рейтинг: 481
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Загрузил: 40fx48zf


I want you to treat me right don't try to hide behind your lies and I need to feel That you think of me whenever I'm gone and every time it's hard.. [Chorus:] I need you to stay just look inside your heart and I know you will find a reason Not to leave us behind and give me all your love You want me to know the truth but please try to see this through my eyes You tell me not to be scared that everything's ok but what about when I'm gone And everytime it's hard.. [Chorus] I know you don't wanna hurt me but I can't tell you how I'd react if I knew That you've been seeing somebody else when I wasn't there [Chorus]
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