Текст песни 2Pac - My Burnin' Heart

Beginnings The Lost Tapes: 1988-1991
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: 2Pac
Альбом: Beginnings The Lost Tapes: 1988-1991
Длительность: 06:25
Рейтинг: 473
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Загрузил: Partizan


I lay awake tonight, because I wanna be with you If you were beside me, I'd playfully kiss you Each time I see ya, the feelin gets stronger You sit a bit closer, we stare a lot longer Huh - reach for my drink and for a second we touch Words are muttered I stutter, cause I want you that much The situation is a no-win, cause he's my best friend But now I'm guilty, of fallin for his girlfriend I know it's wrong but my heart is filled with purity I offer passion but he offers security Its like a trap that I'm sinkin into I wake up sweaty when I'm sleepin cause I'm thinkin of you Then we make eye contact, and I can't hold back I try to shake it but the feelin comes right back What have I gotten into, I feel posessed by you I have these thoughts at night, of undressin you Its kinda obvious blind men might see it But he doesn't, so he keeps on trustin me Leaves me alone wit you, while he's on vacation Well how could he leave me, with this temptation? Now I'm confused, cause I'm no Casanova But you keep callin - you're sayin to come over What do I do? Go or stay and play it smart Its gettin rougher cause I suffer from a burnin heart.. My burnin heart.. [Verse 2] Girl, you are my one and only You are my angel, and now ya wanna leave me lonely What did I do? Baby did I treat you bad? My heart is broken, and now ya make me sad I remember, when this love affair first started We was so in love, and now we are departed Girl, I'll buy ya anything ya heart desires I have to let ya know, baby you're my fire Warm and wet, each kiss is prolonged It's your sweet caress that makes Rock T strong Just bein with you, and seein the two of us walkin along the beach, cause girl you are my peach So sweet and tender, my love I surrender No need to pretend, that you'll want it to end I'll never let you go, you're forever my girl Ya know why? Cause girl, you are my world My burnin' heart.. [Verse 3] Totally tounge tied, every three seconds I keep watchin you He's my best friend, but I can't help clockin you How could this be? How could we both love you Now I'm trapped in this position and don't know what to do I could forget about you, pretend that we never met But when I'm here without you, I start to heavily sweat You give me looks that reinforce the bond that's already there So many times I find eyes locked up and just passionately stare Play the role like you don't matter, he swears that we hate each other But in reality we can't wait to taste each other You're my addiction casue I fiend for your desperately I stand here fantasizin, because you're next to me What can I do, with this passion I feel It's too hard to conceal, so I know it's for real Watched you so many times, I know where every curve is I think you reads my mind, and so I'm feelin nervous I wana tell you how I feel, but that wouldn't help It would only cause problems so I keep to myself Even though, it drives me crazy, to see you sittin with him A tear rolls down my cheek, because I see you kiss him I know the words you're sayin before they can be said Hear the thoughts that you thinkin before they come in your head Wouldn't hurt the brother, for anything in this world But damn I fell in love with his girl - my burnin heart, heart, heart.. [Verse 4] My heart is burnin, ya know it's yearin, for ya sweet caress I lay in ecstacy, as you kiss and rub my chest You know ya love me, why must you deny yourself what I can offer you, yet you want somebody else? It's not that - well then girl, what could it be? I hope I'm good for you, cause baby you're so good for me Many nights I cried and tried to make this work Then act the fool and cool and cruel like the church Well I'm sorry baby, I have to let y
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