Текст песни Snap! - The First The Last Eternity (Lieb Mix)

Snap!Attack (Remix) [2CD]
Жанр: Eurodance
Исполнитель: Snap!
Альбом: Snap!Attack (Remix) [2CD]
Длительность: 07:10
Рейтинг: 546
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Загрузил: tagm


Eternity eternity, eternity... People all over the world Listen to what I wanna say Now I need all of your attention Come dong with me You don't have to worry Couldn't use this longer way I'm talking about the way things cut it out Gonna end that day The first the last eternity The first the last eternity The first the last eternity The first the last eternity Eternity eternity, eternity... Let's getting ready For the final destiny Gather all about your people And come with me I'm gonna be your good and your angle Oh,oh,on height Come on come on it's time The first the last eternity As it's written it will always be Till the end of time Do you here me
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