Текст песни Tech N9ne - This Is Hip Hop (Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung) (iTunes Bonus Track)

All 6's & 7's
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Tech N9ne
Альбом: All 6's & 7's
Длительность: 03:41
Рейтинг: 929
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AndrewCG


(INTRO) When I Say Tech.. You Say N9ne TECH... N9NE TECH... N9NE [Hook]x2 This is Hip Hop it's Country, Jazz and R&b in its pop It's Rock and Roll and never will it stop So ain't to way you stoppin this Hip-Hop-Hip-Hop This is Hip Hop! [Tech N9ne] What is living on 904 Michigan What is havin roaches in trouble finding more dividends Dying a poor citizen What is pausing the door to seal us in war kill us men trying for your kid again What is saving your pinnacle state in a available place in the awake cause you ain’t payin no janx when the game makes a way to rotate What is weight in your safe So we can stay in race Lay em on tape invading your state with this pain in your face When it aims the door slams to aim with the program the bitters give a damn you go ham you giving them more stamina what is having a manager to book so many shows to go jam What is at the bottom That I really gotta What is in a column without another who stopped him, dropped him, popped on top of him, what is summer, spring and autumn What is to the top and shot him with his poverty What is acknowledging the prodigy What is the dichotomy of this good and bad anthology What is laughs that follow be sad paths psychology Us living life low their living like you hit the lottery [HOOK x2] [Tech N9ne's Speach] When I first heard the beat it gave me the vision that if the Mayan calender was correct And in 2012 the world was actually destroyed when a new civilization forms And they get to diggin they find this and this will be a perfect way to start off the new Hip-Hop Culture Ya know what I'm saying? Were 2 Murders lyrically Ya know what I'm saying? it'd be crazy, Strange baby! [Brotha Lynch Hung] What is getting of the X im righting album What is being put in the middle like Mehul Salhotra Sicker than Synchondrosis I eat Carrion I got body parts in my Cary On It's when the Party starts Nigga I'm very Hung Been ripping up Niggas since I was very young Scary looking motha fucka ready to kill ya daddys mom Ready to eat that meat with a meat cleaver I creep in the streets and defeat these Eat These Nigga's up hot shittin out they feces Put a Knife in they Meces At least hes younger hunger dinner, he sees thunder wonder inner He sees baby doctor visits, he spills rabies in his lyrics Put her in the back with the flat tire I'm Fire till I retire I tie her up then fry her up and then give her to the higher up Tech N9ne Intertwine get out the wine this is my kinda Hip-Hop!
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