Текст песни Project 86 - Avalantia

Wait For The Siren
Жанр: Alternative Metal
Исполнитель: Project 86
Альбом: Wait For The Siren
Длительность: 04:15
Рейтинг: 291
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Cvitoi


I awoke to mystery On Alien terrain The hazy pictures of my journey echoing in grey The Meteors were raining The firmament it bled The crumbling of a shattered planet somehow I had made You were my ark and You carried me You gave me shelter You rescued me My lungs were crushed and failing My eyes were dark and vague Craters of the fiery storm that was surrounding me Out of the pollution Emerged a glowing craft Last thing I remember was you reaching out your hand The mountains fell to sand I stare as we ascend The journey it begins When the past inside me ends Found Lost in the engine sound Disappear skyward now Shining through the ashes A shaft of brilliant light As all I knew was wasteland You guided me to flight
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