Текст песни Deuce - Deuce Dot Com

Nine Lives
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Rap-Rock
Исполнитель: Deuce
Альбом: Nine Lives
Длительность: 03:25
Рейтинг: 5316
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Zinit_93


[Intro] Oh, don't stop What's my name, girl? What's my name, girl? Deuce, don't stop Shake that thang, girl, shake that thang [Chorus] We can ride if you wanna ride later We can dance if you wanna dance, baby I don't care if you got a man, save it Keep standing by my side cause you know you're mine [Verse 1] Yeah, California, throw 'em up, where you at? California, get ready I'm back I keep it bumping like I'm black Like Michael Myers without the mask I know you like what you see But listen, Em and Fifty taught me all I need You can visit me on the web HTTP, got your bitch on her knees Dot com, I'm the bomb If you're friends with Tom, MyS I'll give you what you need Keep you dancing all night like ecstasy Everybody's doing it, baby Everybody, everybody get crazy! We can dance, we can ride Shake that ass, I got LA Pride [Chorus x2] [Verse 2] They want to get to know me They all want to be my homies I ain't no Timberlake But I get more bitches at the end of the day I'm shining, shining, everybody knows me I'm grinding, grinding, they're saying "oh Lordy!" There he goes again, oh yeah Getting crunked again and you mad You like my tats, my shoes, my hats I'm back, I'm dressed in black Your crew keeps wondering where I'm at They keep thinking how I got so bad I'm slipping through the back door, motherfucker We can ride, we can dance if you wanna Or we can take it to the back Watch a little lady shake that ass, we can all get trashed [Chorus x2] [Verse 3] I don't stop for hoes, I don't stop for yo's Hollywood's got me crazed, that's for sure They don't like it when they see me with a 4-0 Getting tickets every night by the popo My rep goes back, it goes so far I ain't got no cash, but you think I'm a star Pulling up in the fancy cars I be getting all the fancy broads I did it all for the nookie, the nookie I'm rolling, I'm rolling, come on Cookie Don't think I'm here to get yours I'm bad, I'm back, I'm here to get more So keep grinding, bumping, dancing Move how you wanna move We can do it all night if you wanna grove Cause there ain't nothing left to do Except me and you, bitch [Chorus x2]
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