Текст песни Deuce ft. Gadjet - Walk The Walk

Nine Lives
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Rap-Rock
Исполнитель: Deuce ft. Gadjet
Альбом: Nine Lives
Длительность: 03:43
Рейтинг: 5112
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Загрузил: Zinit_93


haha, you fuckin’ pussies I’m a fuck with them a little on this one, jus’ a little. You fuckin’ posers Chorus: You know we don’t stop Reloadin’ while we hit the top I get down ‘cause that’s my job Yall better learn to walk the walk You know we don’t stop Reloadin’ while we hit the top I get down ‘cause that’s my job Yall better learn to walk the walk Deuce: There’s nothing you can do that’ll make me angry You can say the same shit, but I’ll do the same thing HU paved the way for me to make you crazy maybe I was sent here to make you take it in the ass I’m back, it's Deuce, yoo hoo, you can tell that slut Ke$ha to shoo shoo, oh boo boo, did I make you hate me? who knew that I’d be the one to make it? Take this bitch, ‘course I’m a rapist I’m Satan mixed with a little Dre Its like a little game, for you to say my name quick ‘cause I’m renegade, number 1 public enemy You’re a centipede, I’m the fire with melody remember me? I’m a fuckin’ true OG on your knees bitch, I’m a make you eat this don’t speak when you're sucking on my penis trick. Chorus Gadjet: It’s Gad to the Jet and I’ll slap the shit, outta any mother fucker, thinkin they rappin sick. You aint as sick, I’m the sickest prick, ask my bitch I fucked her raw and gave her gono from my rashy dick She traded me crabs and syphilis but homie thats not it got herpes too on purpose dude, I knew she had the shit So what the fuck you gonna do to a masochist, who’s mad and pissed, crazy angry adjectives can describe or justify the way I laughs at death its Ninelives, I kill my self its not an accident focused like a terrorist, bomb strapped to my chest maybe I’ll go play with razors while I slash my wrist I’m dangerous on the stage, you had a mic, I snatched that shit to [][] its probably mean, but I ain’t mad at the kid Deuce just put me in the booth, I’m better and faster than him Tell the truth, you rather look at someone fatter or slim? Chorus Deuce: I got that 45 (45) tucked under my seat, that's right (thats right) I keep them pistols right by my side ’case these fucks wanna die (you wanna die?) you know you can’t deny (you can’t deny) when the bullets go off, they fly (they fly) straight for your brain, I make ‘em look nice (so nice) We go have a lot of fun tonight Gadjet: Yeah I’m young, but I’m still an OG Them dudes might not, but they girlfriends know me dynamite hot so they tryna blow me I’m a take it to the top and shit on rappers below me Chorus
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