Текст песни Mobb Deep - Never Goin' Back

Any Given Sunday - OST / Каждое Воскресенье - Саундтрек
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Alternative
Исполнитель: Mobb Deep
Альбом: Any Given Sunday - OST / Каждое Воскресенье - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:38
Рейтинг: 1858
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: 13DimoN13


Yo... Ain't no hard time invented that Havoc can't handle If cats only knew all the shit I been through Homicide, suicide, am I, losin my mind? Just, standin my ground keep it bottled up inside Practice what I preach Dunn, ride for my loved ones Asked about my life, no doubt had a tough one Did dirt, got dirt, shit only got worse Been asked God why he put me on this earth, yo Not for nuttin Dunn, I want it all - can you blame me? Niggaz just be settlin for crumbs How dumb, how come, with no outcome? Ten years later niggaz still in the slums Strung off the next shit, dyin for they next shit Foamin from the mouth for the next man necklace And how about that, niggaz too grown for that I'm holdin it down, now where your head at? Yo Chorus: Mobb Deep (repeat 2X) I ain't goin back, I ain't lookin back I'm movin ahead, now how about that? Hell no black, I'm where the paper at long as I don't forget where I came from [Prodigy] We do it the Mobb way - leave em lookin like a strawberry My outlook on life is quite very - positive I'm a content fella until you tamper with my plans to go on further Fuck the hassle, it ain't worth my energy unless I must If you insist, I'll be more than glad til his beef marriage Me and you til death do us Scrape my fingertips on bricks, forty-two shot clips That's my shit, do it like the old timers I use a wide holster, it's more discrete while I'm post up or in motion, most niggaz be floatin Don't even make eye contact, walkin Dunn, pay attention that's how niggaz die sooner Watch who you pass and it might be a reaper Watch my niggaz we'll jump when you least thought We came from the streets up, now we put G's up, so Chorus [Havoc] Yo, had time to think when just on the brink of death at my front door me receivin slugs? Only twenty-five, got fifty more to go and knows, their plot I hope they ass die slow How though no dough, please don't show like my man Twist said don't even see me when I blow Got, issue with my foes best believe I'ma solve em and laugh at your petty-ass problems [Prodigy] Out the slums of Queens, came a bunch of young gun niggaz The Infamous Mobb Deep with dreams, of one day makin it big With they Live Nigga Rap music, hard liquor swigs Dirty Timbs, thirsty grins Smile all up in your face then I break your chin Went platinum, now them niggaz writin scripts Murda Muzik the movie, pushin spaceships like.. Chorus
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