Текст песни D12 - Leave Dat Boy Alone

D12 World
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: D12
Альбом: D12 World
Длительность: 05:23
Рейтинг: 2207
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Загрузил: Samovar


[Chorus: Eminem] Yall better leave dat boy alone Cuz if they dont You know they goin come back on 'em And they dont want him to come back strong I wouldnt durr get that boy goin I said leave dat boy alone Cuz yall dont know him That there boy he out cold And that there boy he been known To stirr some shit up when he in that zone [Bridge x2] Better leave that boy alone Better leave that boy alone Better leave that boy alone Cuz you dont want to get that boy goin [Verse 1: Swift] It's my attitude that's makin me bust shit I hate to be fucked with So basically niggas wastin they time tryin to touch Swift I run with a bunch of killers that dealt with punks Returnin bows 'fore you be lookin at yourself get stomped I'm a dysfunctional bastard who will puncture your ass Witha mag and i'll be glad to send another one after you Without no hesitation i run up in your house and wake your spouse up And give her mouth to gun ressecitation A niggas information, they hunted and they sad Got you mad cuz they shittin through their stomach in a bag We comin too strong so its irrelevant to blast you We master ready, slash like relatives of Manson When you hear us niggas think it's elephants dancin Comin here is the worste mistake that could ever happen When i'm in my vehicle i'm pullin you in I gaurantee the world will never see you again [Chorus] [Verse 2: Kon/Kuniva?] Honest to god i usually try to keep to my self But it's kinda hard when you surrounded by ignorants, well Let me explain somethin to ya A real street nigga aint tryin to get in the streets He's tryin to get out, feel me? And he aint the type of dude to pop a E and get drunk And wave his heat all in the air like he's some dumb hoe punk Atleast a soldier in the army lose his life over a cause This nigger dyin over prizes to prove he got balls I play keyboards, i dont play deep You borrow guns, i own shit that explode when it hit You think it's wrong that you hoes thinkin you can't really get sleep Cuz you laid a nigga down without any meat Well my cops wont allow me to make decisions in vein I'm a magne i do my biddin and i do it again If you take it to that level, i take it to whoever Want to harm me and my family, Runyon Avenue forever [Chorus] [Verse 3: Kon/Kuniva?] Now people i live triflin i express it through writin If you can't feel it, then i must express it through fightin And i jus bought me a new gauge and added on a knew knife And i strike peopel so fast people think i threw lightning Clash with a few titans, blasted a few height men Been harassed by two dykes who wanted (?lou pikner) Plus you know i'm too violent, to be out with you whilin Cuz as soon as you drivin im a spit a few 5 ones And i love to Kunive son, and you left a live one I know how to hide guns, skinny or wide ones Go buy me a long sub and hide it inside buns You lookin for hoes, and up in here you goin find none You niggas get dropped once, and you can kiss my nuts You soft little dry cunts, get stuck till your eyes shut No time for the wild ones, i'm writin these five words FUCK YOU DICK RIDIN NIGGAS count it, it's five words. [Chorus] [Bridge] [Outro] Sifty McVeigh (that boy he hot to death) Mr. Porter (that boy he hot to death) Kuniva (that boy he hot to death) Yep, better step before you get beat to death Yall dont want to be dem there boys Dem there boys be makin noise Dem there boys got all kind of toys You better step before you get destroyed D12
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