Текст песни Snoop Dogg - Snoopafella

No Limit Top Dogg
Жанр: Gangsta Rap / G-Funk / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Snoop Dogg
Альбом: No Limit Top Dogg
Длительность: 05:23
Рейтинг: 1957
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: sandro77


Once upon a time, in the L.B.C. On the Eastside, off of 2-1 Street There lived a young man, Cinderfella's his name To make it interesting it's me, peep game I lived in a house with my cruel step-dad And two step-brothers who treated me bad I cooked, I cleaned, I scrubbed the floors And I was like an errand boy runnin to the stores My brothers, they used to boast and brag: We've got Fubu, and you've got rags! And even worse than that, to make me feel low They gave me a skateboard, while they had low-lows Girls used to say, Snoop, you're so cute But you gets no rap with that to' up khaki suit Welllll, one day, up the Avenue There was a man, surrounded by the Dogg Pound crew He said ah, Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all! The princess is having a royal ball If you can rap, also dress fresh You might win a date with the sweet princess Well I, um, ran home when I heard the newsflash I bust through the door, straight to my step-dad I said, Step-dad, may I? And before I could finish, Hell no!, he replied (Cinderfella!) My brothers were goin, they were gettin down Even Pops was goin for a piece of the crown (Cinderfella!) They flaunted, they haunted, they knew what I wanted We can and you can't, is what they taunted (nana-nana-nah-nah) They all stood there, laughin in my face And as they walked out they said, Clean up this place! (Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!) And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love (Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!) And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love (Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!) And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love (Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!) And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love Well I shrugged, I hissed, they all tried to diss And I'd get them back if I had one wish Before I could make my thought a phrase There appeared a man from a puff of haze He said, What's up, Dogg? My name is Herb I'm your fairy Doggfather, you know it, word! Now I've came here with the main purpose Of granting you your fondest wish I said, Herb, my man, just make me fresh And I'm sure that I can handle, all the rest With a snap of his fingers sparks began to shoot And I was jumpin in my body: a slick silk suit On my feet was some white tube socks And a fresh pair of Chucks from the Foot-lock I showed him my sack, and don't you know With a snap, the sack became some doe-doe Once again his hands began to flow Then he changed my skateboard into a six-fo' (damn!) He checked me over, passed me the keys And said, One more thing before you leave... You must return before the stroke of twelve Or you'll turn back into your old self (Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!) And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love (Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!) And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love I jumped in the low-low and went on my way I got to the party 'bout ten, I'd say It was after eleven when I rocked the mic And by the time I left the stage, the people were hyped (well alright!) The princess was starin, while holdin a drank Reflected from her eyes was gold tank She waved her hands like, Hello! Hi! Then gave another gesture like, Come here, guy! I left the stage, girls came in flocks The bitch was swingin from the hard knocks I heard a sound, not a tick nor tock Gong! First bell before twelve o'clock No time to waste, I broke out in haste The princess followed in a futile chase A quick steady pace is what I kept Lost one of my Chucks on one of those steps For the six-fo' I continued my stride About this time I heard gong five I was down the block when I heard gong eight And the princess screamed out, Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! (Cinderfella Doggy Dogg!) And I'm the rapper Doggy Dogg you love (Cinderfella Doggy D
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