Текст песни D12 - 6 In The Morning

D12 World
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: D12
Альбом: D12 World
Длительность: 04:38
Рейтинг: 2984
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Загрузил: Samovar


[Intro: Eminem] Good morning! Haha. Wake your motherfuckin asses up! Aiyyo, what if so what Well come on then, you know what time it is Stop sleepin on my group BITCH! {*gun cocks, BLAM*} [Eminem] For whatever it's worth, it's worth me havin my ass whipped Cause I'ma have the last lips to ever kiss ass with I just can't get passed these little piss ants that wanna be Barney bad asses so bad And they so mad they can't stand it, cause we can and they can't spit And they can't handle it like a man And that's when it just happens and I snap then it's a wrap Then it's a scrap and it isn't rap, is it? Hip-hop isn't a sport anymore when you gotta go and resort back into that shit Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but my passion is to smash anyone rappin without havin to slap him Believe me, I'd much rather lift a pencil than a pistol when I'm pissed now, but it all depends on just how far it gets took on the mic Cause I'm tellin you right now you're not gonna like it Cause if I get pushed over the edge then I'm pullin you with me You poke a stick at a pitbull you get bit B Your words stick to you like crazy glue when you diss me Cause they just bounce off me, like bullets do 50 I'm the beautiful instinct, and you're gonna miss me when I'm gone, like Keith Murray when he threw his stool and hit a girl accidentally (ahh!) I do this with Swifty, Kon and Kuniva, Bizzy and Proof - are you with me? [Chorus: Eminem] Well c'mon then, everybody good mornin Kick your shoes off motherfuckers, come on in Cause we get it on and, 'til the break of dawnin Wake your ass up motherfuckers, quit yawnin Cause we ain't leavin 'til 6 in the mornin So ever sing along with the words of the song and If you don't know the words and you can't sing along then Fake like you know 'em motherfuckers and join in Everybody good mornin [Swifty] They consider me the epitomy of a beef starter In the party with heat, it's hard to keep me without one Fuck snubs, I walk in clubs with a shotgun Constantly poppin slugs, they hot son, better not run (AHH!) The bosses of all bosses; a holocaust to whoever ain't cautious In a house full of dog shit I'm a gothic death prophet, you'll stop breathin You'll die quicker than mach speed without bleedin It ain't about what you readin When you meet me better speak like it's Seasons Greetings Either that or we'll be beefin frequent You niggaz need an E just to speak shit And your heater is a petite bitch Keep the heater where you can reach quick I'll snipe you with it and won't even keep it a secret Nigga I did it from the mind of a mental patient When glocks sway you can save that conversation for Satan You brave? [Chorus] [Kon Artis] Yo, yo - I heard you niggaz don't like us but so what, this beef is like what the fuck did he say in his rap - am I conceded? He just a punk I mean these niggaz'll squeeze on me pleased when seein guts I don't need no enemies cause my family a couple trucks And my {?} and a mic, they empty out on them bike to fight you in front of everyone important that I don't like No need for metaphors to get points across when I write This emotion's enough to say, Fuck you bitch and I don't like you! WHAT! I might as well give this up, but that'd be selfish as fuck You'll leave D12 in this, but we can't self-destruct I've never felt it this much, c'mon fellas get up! We gotta fight like Bugz last night of his life, C'MON! [Kuniva] I walk with a limp, pistol hangin off of the hip I'm awkward and quick enough and sick when sparkin a fifth Your carcass is split, even if beef is partially thick We can't take you serious, you a co
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