Текст песни Sean Paul - Head In The Zone

The Trinity
Жанр: Hip-Hop / Reggae
Исполнитель: Sean Paul
Альбом: The Trinity
Длительность: 03:55
Рейтинг: 1825
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Samovar


[Intro] yeah well everything nice you know pass two crate a Smirnoff Ice you know alright sean paul, inna di club, get crunk, blaze it up inna di club ladies willy bounce inna di club yo yo... [Chorus 2x] woman just get you head inna the zone get properly crunked and willie the bounce make a see you just throw dem bones gal move up you body make them see you're full grown [Verse 1] gal cause you hot so, you got the city lock so you body man attack so, them ask how you phat so nuff man a foreign a email and a fax you them well waan fi shocks you but you no inna dat yo you no see no other gal out there wey fi match you from time me spot you me eye can detach you soon time fi snatch you me ready fi go gotcha you a di toppa top so me champagne a pop so [Chorus 2x] [Verse 2] Shake up you ass shake up you titi wild out man a blind when them see you do the ticky you a rebel fi di cause and you body thicky dance pon the floor make me see you anatomy gal wine..nuff man a dance like a cattle in a circle like dem waan take you fi a bottle but you fine gall just gwaan set you throttle..gwaan cause trouble with you bubble [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3] move up you body cause you know you full grown man a watch you body and them waan take you home check them a check you fi the digits to your phone nuff a dem accident prone...so gal wine up you body cause you know you can lose any man out there wey you want you fi choose nuff a drink booze and them start to abuse tell dem dont get it confused [Repeat 2x] sean paul blaze it up, inna di club, get crunk, blaze it up inna di club ladies willy bounce inna di club yo yo... [Chorus 2x] [Verse 1] [Chorus Repeat Till End]
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