Текст песни Seelennacht - Into The Night

In Der Ferne
Жанр: Darkwave
Исполнитель: Seelennacht
Альбом: In Der Ferne
Длительность: 05:24
Рейтинг: 696
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Загрузил: shadowmangoth


The sun goes down and all the dark prevails Like those hidden memories The rain which is falling from the sky Creates a mournful scenery Like a frozen angel in the sky The lanes are cold and they're left in silence For another dawning night The gates of eternity are open We leave our memories behind Only for a moment Und so sprachen die Propheten, dass von diesem Tage an Finsternis über die Menschheit hereinbrechen würde Follow me into the night And all your dreams are coming true Like a storm wind that never dies We will stay in eternity Follow me into the darkness Seduced by pleasures of blackened love On these wings of eternal fate I will always be with you On the sky's a black horizon And we're descend into the void We spread our wings into this cold room Where we go into the night Until we'll leave reality They want to tear us, they want to break us I hear the echoes from behind We are leaving the gates of hell Now we are free again Are we really free again? Fearing the end And numb inside
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