Текст песни Anthrax - In My World

Persistence Of Time
Жанр: Thrash Metal
Исполнитель: Anthrax
Альбом: Persistence Of Time
Длительность: 06:25
Рейтинг: 3047
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Загрузил: fitagen


They're Gonna Put Me in Jail? Man, I'm Already in Jail Don't They Know That My Life Is Just One Big Cell I'll Bite the Hand That Feeds Me And I Could Give a Damn If That Hand Needs Me Why Can't You Live Me Alone? A Lie May Fool Someone Else But it Tells You the Truth You're Weak, Just Another Clone I Just Want My Life To Do Whatever I like Yeah, It's a Selfish Need To Have No Responsibility So I'll Say What I'm Gonna Say 'Cause I'm Going to Hell Anyway I'd Rather Be Alone In My World I'm Not Afraid I Am Not Afraid Nothing Touches Me I'm a Walking Razor Blade Face the Face of Fear Face the Face of Death Laugh When Others Tear Hate When Others Laugh In My World It's So Cold My Defense Is like Stone No One Gets Inside, 'Cause In My World I'm Home In My World I Loathe And You'll Always Pay a Toll No One Gets Inside, 'Cause In My World I'm Home An Adult at Thirteen My Childhood Was a Dream A Full Clout Nightmare, a Sight Unseen My Greatest Fear as a Kid One Which I Always Kept Hid Was to Come Home from School And Find My Mother Dead
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