Текст песни Carly Comando - Everyday

One Take
Жанр: Classical Music
Исполнитель: Carly Comando
Альбом: One Take
Длительность: 05:49
Рейтинг: 4065
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Загрузил: DiProff


Известная композиция,получившая популярность благодаря Ною Калина,который снял собственный одноименный ролик,показывающий нам его физиономию за 6 лет,что он себя фотографировал,затем монтажировал,наложил музыку-И в Итоге получилось неплохое Видео(было бы раза в три короче...или раза в два динамичнее),которое Мир узнал 27 августа 2006 года благодаря YouTube. Everyday is a viral video produced by American photographer Noah Kalina. It features a fast montage of thousands of pictures of Kalina spanning over a period of six years all played sequentially. Video Kalina began taking a photo of himself every day on January 11, 2000, at age 19. The video everyday shows the photos chronologically, six per second, with an original piano score by musician Carly Comando. Throughout the compilation, Kalina's face remains emotionless in the center of the frame. Kalina uploaded the video to Vimeo on August 8, 2006 and YouTube on August 27, 2006. Everyday was featured on an episode of VH1's Web Junk 20 and on commercials for Time Warner Cable's Roadrunner service. In a New York Times article, William A. Ewing, director of the Musée de l’Elysée, was quoted as saying, "Noah’s video represents a phenomenal amplification not just in what he produced and how he did it, but how many people the piece touched in such a short period of time. There is nothing comparable in the history of photography."[1] As of 5 September 2010, everyday has had 16,601,450 views on YouTube.[2] Kalina had originally intended everyday to be a photo project, but was encouraged to make a film after seeing a video by Ahree Lee, which consisted of time lapse portraits of the artist. He compiled his photographs into a video and released it on YouTube.[1][3] The distinctive score was composed specifically for the piece by Carly Comando, Kalina's girlfriend at the time.[1] In December 2006, Kalina posted 21 photos on Flickr showing him posing with Paris Hilton, Lance Bass, David Hasselhoff, Jenna Jameson, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and others. VH1 commissioned Kalina to come backstage at the VH1 Big in '06 Awards. In the televised ceremony, several of the pictures were shown before and after commercial breaks.[3] The Simpsons episode "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" includes a parody of Kalina's video.[4] In the parody, 39 years of Homer Simpson's life flash before him with the same musical score playing in the background. The clip ends with a still of YouTube's standard ending screen, the screen that allows a user to choose another video.
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