Текст песни Blood On The Dance Floor - Deja Vu

Жанр: Powerpop
Исполнитель: Blood On The Dance Floor
Альбом: Evolution
Длительность: 03:37
Рейтинг: 311
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: DiProff


Time doesn't fly It makes memories You said "close your eyes and please remember me" I didn't say goodbye So now your taunting me I wish you never died Without you I feel so empty Deja Vu You used to say That I'd miss you when your gone You were so right Seeing you hurt felt so wrong But sometimes When I'm alone I get this feeling And I know Your spirit has carried on Ghost from my past You've come back like a haunting I get these chills when I sense you all around me You left this world behind And I miss you dearly I can hear the echoes of you It's just like Deja Vu You forever changed the stars I can see so clearly All these things I say are true It's just like Deja Vu I still feel you coming through My imagination or the truth
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