Текст песни Fangorn - Miles Away From Home

Where The Tales Live On
Жанр: Viking Metal
Исполнитель: Fangorn
Альбом: Where The Tales Live On
Длительность: 06:23
Рейтинг: 404
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: and1972


Miles Away From Home …I remember the words, that the old man said.. He told them to me when I left that place, 'You'll never find a better land, Than the one where you were born'… When I set out my trip from home down The road; a way I'd never been before That night the stars were callin’ me so much I had to leave... couldn't stay here anymore Something's burnin’ in my heart, I was so young just tryin’ to find my fate Neither the cold nor dark scared me The ray of hope cut it like a golden blade I will find the way Through the wind and pouring rain No one is to blame No one pulled my hand I will find the way I pray every single day No one is to blame If I lose myself Chorus: I keep wanderin’ along Years have passed since I’ve gone I’m miles away from home Through the fire and snow I’m travelin’ alone My journey’s goin’ on I’ve seen the dawn in distant lands I was so far away that you could never know The more I walked among the silver lakes The more I thought to turn my way to home Day after day I thought of the old man's words, While I froze in front of the smoldering fire I’m here alone in a foreign land, Finding a way back was my one desire I will find the way… (Music by Pagan)
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