Текст песни Dying Fetus - Devout Atrocity

Reign Supreme
Жанр: Brutal Death / Technical Death
Исполнитель: Dying Fetus
Альбом: Reign Supreme
Длительность: 04:28
Рейтинг: 1683
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Aderin


Engulfed by fate Knowing you're part of, foretold prophecy Awaiting the future Post-apocalyptic visions you see them Nearing tsunami Cleansing the world of all inhabitants Dormant volcanoes Rapidly awakened, spewing out torment Impending, Calamities come forth Anxious from Prospects of affliction, bllissful Revelations, religion, clairvoyance, self assured Proactive, actions to be taken, bring about Armageddon the end that nears Without warning to the nonbelievers Trying to facilitate Precursor anarchy proliferation The credulous populace Ready to partake, extensive indiscretion Cynics that are only interested In disruption Join festivities Tearing down the entire system They believe Will be no more Acting out final impulse, Boundless juncture Looming devestation Awaiting the ultimate release Of death Relish the undertaking Enlisting anyone who will wreck Cconfiguration Of the status quo Feeding paranoia to the rest Of what's next Riots the beginning Constructing revolution, Loosely bound The chaotic notion Preach to leave caution to the wind, No more sin End of days is here Living in the frenzy so surreal Ignoring possible extinction Preparation after thought Conspiracy consume many of them What they new when and how Goverment coverup primary beef Not uninhibited extermination Staring down the end of a barrel Not fazed by threat oblivious Still exasperated no warning given Observing aristocracy full disregard Living in the frenzy so surreal Ignoring possible extinction Preparation after thought Peasants following their trendy causes Forgetting the grand scheme of things If predictions of events prove true So many left to fend off annihilation Ignoring mass extinction Cracks in the earth seperate, devestation Ash covered sky, enveloping darkness Spreading fire burns everything unrestrained Inhospitable indefinite wasteland Methane lakes emerge poisonous Asphyxiation Mass extinction
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