Текст песни Bruno Mars - All I Need (feat. Travie Mccoy)

S.E.X. Series 4
Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: Bruno Mars
Альбом: S.E.X. Series 4
Длительность: 03:18
Рейтинг: 431
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Загрузил: aftermathdotcom


sugar, coco and honey hey y'all Bruno Mars that's why you taste like to me and all i need is to sex to a shape down uh come it girl right now i'm a British boy so i can British things that .. on your .. but let your body you're my violin on a string with every breath you take i wont' let em sting so let me in open the doors or yours is mine or mine is yours where's your p**sy give me your pours and now mine doing if you keep my .. keep it clean 'cause we gettin in the mess baby go yeah you're baring in the flash aha for your friends that i'm better than your ex and if you real that i'm better than your next but ..pie you my sweet .. that's are the reasons that you're my sweet heart so when i meet ..repeat fast what are we just say take it slow so we .. Chorus. the world is ours put your head back see the stars i like you just the way you are like Bruno Mars i know i can cool me .. i love your .. i love your .. now give me your flower 'cause i'ma .. and i'm about to .. i hope you think secret before i ask oh no oh no you .. ym tongue just like a coco oh no oh no i thin you need some cream upon you you think i got chick what's her name i aint' lying you're my man you're the only picture about my friends let's switch it down my sex no champagne
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