Текст песни Paloma Faith - Let Your Love Walk In

Fall To Grace (Deluxe Edition)
Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Paloma Faith
Альбом: Fall To Grace (Deluxe Edition)
Длительность: 04:25
Рейтинг: 774
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Загрузил: victoriade


I long for something simple I long for something real Will this heart heal? Oh, all my life been searchin’ It feels like I’m still lookin’ Oh, I can feel (prechorus) And though I’m in a crowded room But I feel lonely now I know you’re on your way Though I don’t see you now So Cupid, take your aim and open fire (chorus) Darlin’ if you hold me, take it slowly I will let your love walk in Yes, I will let your love come in Darlin’ I grow weary, please Won’t you save me? I’ve closed too many doors But I wanna let your love walk in Tonight Afraid I am too broken Afraid I can’t be free Oh, the past bleeds Defined by misdemeanors Made up of my regret, My memories (prechorus) (chorus) When I’m dancin’ on the rooftops, Come and find me (find me) When I’m shattered, I seem lost Oh, take my hand (take my hand) When I’m filled with joy and all you hear is laughter Come and find me Oh take my hand (chorus) I need you to (hold me) Come on darlin’ (hold me) I want you to (hold me) Let your love walk in Let your love walk in, tonight
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