Текст песни Gary Numan - Halo

Жанр: Industrial
Исполнитель: Gary Numan
Альбом: Jagged
Длительность: 04:33
Рейтинг: 963
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Загрузил: Midnightsoul


Who hasn't made A big mistake Betrayed a love Or turned to hate? You think it's you Who hasn't told A small white lie Or felt revenge Was justified? You think it's you Who hasn't had A secret need A truth to hide desires to feed? You think it's you Who has the strength To save us all To make us clean And break our fall? You think It's You Does God bleed on the word? Does God bleed on your white halo? I looked inside A big mistake I'd make it stop But it's too late. I Think It's You I've never been Afraid to face A fear but there's No darker place I Think than You. Something crawls And something lies Something breathes And something dies. I think it's you Does God bleed on the word?
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