Текст песни Ab-Soul - Pineal Gland

Control System
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ab-Soul
Альбом: Control System
Длительность: 03:52
Рейтинг: 471
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Загрузил: mir70b8


[Verse 1] Uh, It was all a dream, I swear it never happened I wrote like Edgar Allen, I was po' like Edgar Allen Let me hit the weed, you know I really need that Missing screws, bending rules like kneecaps I don't even know what's real, I'm just being real Making moves, you just another human being; being still Play the fool, you jealous dudes are just a plate of food Tell the truth, I'm the coldest cat, sabertooth Blaze the booth, blaze the buddah, this ain't hookah You hit this shit a few times, you might see the future Ask my nigga Blocka, we be rolling up that Blanka Just retire, if I light this fire I might blow your block up [Hook] Enjoy your mind trip but don't trip on your mind No man is safe from the war going on outside That's right, you ever been conscious in a coma? Please don't tell my mama this ain't marijuana I might be tripping off that DMT TDE, Limitless like we on NZT I made my dreams reality, so to speak Or so they say, I could still be asleep [Verse 2] The black sheep running with a pack of wolves Diamond in the rough, tell Brock I need a pack of woods Two white cups full of codeine Plus I got two white sluts down to blow me Can't you see I'm floating, like root beer and ice cream My synapses act like lightning, probably why I'm so enlightening Probably why these niggas can't fuck with me I'm lookin like "who the fuck invited them?" They failed in testing like whats inside of them (Soulo, Soulo) Say it like you mean it My demeanor is the meanest, I'm gettin meaner by the minute Its mine, I spend it, my mind is spinning Your time is ticking, the sky's the limit We in a space where matter don't matter Just spirit molecules and geometric patterns Shitted in a crater last time I sat on Saturn Got a letter from Andromeda, they tryna shrine my bladder [Hook] [Verse 3] I'm in a whole 'nother realm, go to hell Last nigga tried to scratch the surface broke a nail Last nigga tried to cross the line got crucified We overseas, back-to-back, never wore Chanel The new nucleus never sitting in a cell Genius idiot, best description of myself I'm in a fucking lab coat rhyming as high as shit When I die, donate my organs to science bitch [Outro] 3x You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes You got three eyes, three eyes, three eyes You got three eyes, but you can never see us
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