Текст песни Judas Priest - Death

Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Judas Priest
Альбом: Nostradamus
Длительность: 07:34
Рейтинг: 6994
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Загрузил: Andik0


He'd had enough he couldn't take anymore He found a place in his mind and slammed the door No matter how they tried they couldn't understand They washed and dressed him fed him by hand Yeah i've left the world behind I am safe here in my mind Im free to speak with my own kind This is my life this is my life I'll decide not you Withdrawn he'd sit there staring into space No sign of life would flicker on his face Until one day he smiled it seemed as though with pride The wind kissed him goodbye and then he died Keep the world with all its sin it's not fit for living in Yeah I will start again it can take forever and ever and ever But I shall win How many like him are there still Who to us all seem to have lost the will They lie in thousands blank and lost Is knowledge worth this bitter cost Beyond the realms of death
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