Текст песни Deuce ft. Jeffree Star ft. Truth - Freaky Now

Nine Lives
Жанр: Rap / Hip-Hop / Rap-Rock
Исполнитель: Jeffree Star ft. Deuce ft. Truth
Альбом: Nine Lives
Длительность: 04:34
Рейтинг: 6408
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Загрузил: Zinit_93


[Truth]: Truth, Deuce, Jeffree Sar. [Deuce]: She wants to lick my body and I wan’t to lick her body, so let’s all have a party, lick each other, lets get naughty. She thinks that I’m a hottie, and I know she likes it doggy, ooh, ahh, ladee dadee, oooh, ahhh, touch my body. [Deuce]: Chorus: Girl let’s get freaky now, lick you all up and down. I got them lips, I’ll make you drip ‘till you twist all around. I wanna feel them legs, ‘cause it aint time for sex. You’ve got them hips, you’ve got them lips, I wanna feel the rest. [Jeffree Star]: (Hey) I like boys and girls and rock stars. Even virgins wanna come in to my snack bar. (mmmm) Don’t hate me ‘cause I fucked your favorite band, beer bottle up my pussy, let’s do a keg stand, (bing) and let me show you how to sit on that dick, America’s Next Top Model. (click, click) I’m the ring-leader girls follow my trends, got Hannah Montana doing anal with my friends. (ha) Pull my hair, scratch my back, beat my like Rihanna (mmhmm). I’ve love ass-to-mouth and black cock, like Obama (what?) We turned you how to turn off the lights, so give me so fuckin’ Twilight neck-bites. Deuce is gonna get your coochie real loose so I’m a line up your men and play duck-duck-goose. [Deuce]: Chorus [Deuce]: Oh look who’s back wit’ his favorite transvestite, in the back, sittin’ VIP, tha’s right, and your still waitin’ outside with a girl, mad ‘cause I got through the front line, wit’ a gun, yeah its all fun, till your laid out wit’ your brains out, and you end up on the other side of the club, wit’ your face down, while the club bangs out of control. It’s out of this world, the way you shake them hips, make me like “damn girl”, the way them lips taste, makes me think damn sure that your suckin’ dick straight from the mens bathroom. A little drip, drip, ‘cause you stuck your dick quick, inside some bitch and the you realized “oh shit” (oh no) took that shit out and it smelled like cold fish, a little chlamydia ain’t go’ do shit. [Deuce]: Chorus [Truth]: I’m from the west coast, Bentleys and palm trees. You can tell he’s Armenian, looking at his car keys. Got a problem? Add it up. Damn right I’m tatted up. California stand up, and go and put your hands up. I’m sippin’ on whatever so she can look better. I don’t want no problem so I brought the condoms. Truth is in the house, she must be in some luck, I seen her at the club and heard she wanna fuck. I’m gangsta’ like whitewalls sittin’ on a Regal, I hear no, I see no, I speak no evil. Rock your boat baby, I’m the coolest skipper, live up in this hospital, ain’t nobody sicker. I’m ballin’ baby, my jewels speak for it self, got the “LV”s on the bag just to match the belt. I like the smiles on your bitch and thats a fact, I’ll put some miles on your bitch and send her ass back (thats right) [Deuce]: Chorus: [Deuce]: These ladies go crazy, they wanna have all my babies. They love me ‘cause I’m famous, and haters hate that I made it. Oh baby, oh baby, let me get in yo’ Mercedes, I know you got a friend or two, maybe... I hope she ain’t think we’ dating. [Truth]: I’m heroin, I’m like ecstasy, all these girls want sex from me, blowin’ up my phone, always textin’ me, all they wanna do is get next to me. I’m schizo, I’m loco, they mad ‘cause I’m rollin’ solo. I’m rich, tryin’ a get that mo’ dough and in the bed these girls say I’m a mofo (uh hu). [Deuce]: Chorus [Jeffree Star]: Hahaha, you know you like that ho. [Deuce]: damn girl, hahhaha, bi-a-tch) You know what it is, Ninelives, bitch.
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