Текст песни Structures - Hydroplaning

Divided By
Жанр: Progressive Metal
Исполнитель: Structures
Альбом: Divided By
Длительность: 03:20
Рейтинг: 531
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Vladosik94


We are all inclined to life a separate Way of life. Some say it's our downfall But there are reasons why, we tread on Different sides. And some say it's our Downfall, if we don't keep to the right. Always keep gold in our sights. Looking Further into such things, there is no Balance worth letting go. We can tell That you're trying to swing at something You can't hit it. The wind won't blow you Back on your feet, when you're stuck on Repeat. So here I stand perfectly aligned With the other side. We can tell that You're trying to swing at something you End. What the fuck's wrong with all the shit That you've been force feeding down the Throats of others? Underneath the Fucking covers, thinking that we Wouldn't know. Why do you try to live a Worthless way of life? I've tried to Explain to you a half a dozen times. I've Lied to you kindly half the time.There is No reason to let ourselves go, pushing Forward just to stay afloat.Try to Stay afloat. We can tell that you're Trying to swing at something you can't Hit.The wind won't blow you back on Your feet. When you're stuck on repeat. Some say it's our downfall, if we don't Keep to the right. We can tell you're Trying to swing at something you can't Hit and it's coming to a much needed end. And we'll never follow you because the Road signs point us in the right direction. Our sights will never align.
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