Текст песни Snowgoons - This Is Where The Fun Stops (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)

Black Snow
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Snowgoons
Альбом: Black Snow
Длительность: 04:39
Рейтинг: 1215
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: T-Killaz


(Samples) “You think you know who you fuckin’ wit now Killa-killa Bill…ain’t nobody stoppin’ this now” “Now who want WHAT!! We got…” “Real deal hip-hop, even when my shit shot” “You think you know who you fuckin’ wit now Killa-killa Bill…ain’t nobody stoppin’ this now” “When you listen to my shit you don’t chew, you don’t breathe, You don’t miss a fuckin’ line” [Reef the Lost Cauze] Anotha fuckin’ classic I’ma animal, yeah a lot like a monkey And my pride is too sick, dawg you not gon’ junk me And my squad is too thick, you not gon’ jump me I’ll knock you ova fuckin’ wall like “humpty dumpty” I’m the king of the castle, king of the battle I’ll dumb out like king when you gamble And I’m classic like LL’s kangol Overseas runnin’ the streets with Hell’s Angels You at home, playin’ wit Wii Nintendo, negro stop playin’ wit me I am the best, c’mon say it wit me Fuck rappers, Reef is my favorite emcee, WORD! I’ma own ya time, you’ll get stolen, stomped You’se mama’s bul, your bitch still folds ya socks You don’t want beef and I’m so shocked My niggas can’t hold jobs they just know to hold glocks It’s not my fault I spaz alot What you expect, I came under Paz & Mach Came from behind, Taji, Tareek and Koran City of Philly, I am the evil of spine Yeah, I’m Bad Newz Especially when you see me wit the white bul wit tatoo will fuckin’ smash you It’s Lost Cauze illegal wit the Snowgoons You ain’t know I’ll be back bangin’ two soul swords (Chorus) Reef 2x Ayo ’This is Where the Fun Stops’ This is purple haze, rum drop This is knife wounds and gun shots This shit here is vulgar and trife The words I write, the illest shit you heard in ya life [Reef the Lost Cauze] Well maybe not, but I’m crazy hot And the world is mine, but the baby’s not Always lightin’ up drugs wyldin’ in the club I’m not grown and sexy, I’m childish and smuggs Stay in ya lane stupid or drink rain fluid Niggas in Philly tryin’ to be the next Frank Lucas We don’t talk out, I promise we bangin’ thru it And Crip is my Blood, but we ain’t no gang influenced I’m in the Dodge wit plan, tryin’ to dodge the man Tryin’ to get rich what part of the plan Don’t you comprehend, Einstein!!! Don’t need to repeat, just say my name one time And I will be there to spit your frame I rock, use to lag mics, crystal cave I’ll break ya arms, then start orderin’ shots like… Jgerbombs! Jgerbombs! Jgerbombs! Jgerbombs! (Chorus) Reef 2x (Samples) (Outro) Reef Yeah, Snowgoons, Reef the Lost Cauze We like 3-3 right now, battin’ bout a 100 You mothafuckaz suck That’s why you can’t come ova here and record shit Nobody wants you; you don’t need to get a fuckin’ passport There’s no reason, ME? I’m world wide bitch, I’m all ova this mothafucka I might pop up in mothafuckin’ Sweden one day and mothafuckin’ UK the next Germany, Switzerland, and then be back in Philly on the block like I ain’t got shit Cuz you niggas will not rob me Call me what you will, just don’t call me And don’t call Stress neither Yeah, all of a sudden right you got love for us now right? Take a number, just not mine Lost Cauze, I’ll see y’all in 08 I’m learning German out this mothafucka Know’ I’m sayin’? I’m bilingual…one!
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