Текст песни Mark Owen - Child

Romeo & Julia, Vol.2
Жанр: Нет данных
Исполнитель: Mark Owen
Альбом: Romeo & Julia, Vol.2
Длительность: 05:06
Рейтинг: 706
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Загрузил: sanenok


Sleep peacefully now my child I hope that you go away To a place where your dreams can play Wipe all the tears from your eyes There is a sky of blue This is your time of truth Like a bird high on the wind May you fly away Like a snowfall in the spring may you cares melt away CHILD, innocent child our hope lies inside your starry eyes my innocent child Hero, now that you are free You have no need to fear so go out and find your smile Like a candle in the stream May you float away Like a feather on the breeze May you blow away [REPEAT CHORUS] Like a candle, Like a snowfall Like a feather like a bird:fly away Like a candle, like a snowfall like a feather like a bird..fly away [REPEAT CHORUS] Sleep peacefully now my child I hope that you go away to a place where you dreams can play
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