Текст песни ASAP Rocky - ASAP Rocky-Trilla Feat A AP Twelvy A AP Nast

Live Love Purple
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ASAP Rocky
Альбом: Live Love Purple
Длительность: 03:45
Рейтинг: 329
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Загрузил: mir70b8


[Verse 1: ASAP Rocky] Pass some mothafuckin' Swisher, pour some mothafuckin' liquor For my mothafuckin' niggas who ain't wit us, keep it trilla My gold teeth, my french braids, gettin' throwed since 10th grade Wealth is in the mind, not the pocket, if that's the case, then I been paid Herringbone chain, my gold frames, my Cartiers, you small change You bitch made, I'm old school like gemstars and switchblades I spit game, I get paid, I pimp game I be that pretty muthafucka, ASAP is just my nickname (I'm comin' down when I'm tippin' on them 4's Cause we shittin' on these, shittin' on these niggas and these hoes) Cause that purp shit I sip up, yo bitch chose, you slipped up I get-get my dick licked, I'm draped out, drip-dripped up Top of the top of the line, all on my grind, purple be easin' my mind We runnin', runnin', we gunnin', gunnin', we're gonna hit one at a time, time Them bad bitches blow kisses by my earlobe, a weirdo but I'm real though [Verse 2: ASAP Twelvy] All these boppers wanna bop 'em, niggas wanna jock 'em Not a red light or a city cop that can stop 'em Going broke is not an option, always on that cash flow She used to call me asshole, now she drop that ass low Fuck it man I'm past dope, sour diesel slash coke ASAP we the last hope, fuck it this my fast flow I slow it down I pick it up, blue jeans I rip 'em up That's swag bitch, you mad bitch, see you in my past bitch I'm headed to the future, Twelvy ain't no loser Mixing up that syrup, call it Punky Brewster I'm slurring wussup, don't tell me to shut up I ain't tryna start shit, but man I'm really fucked up I lucked up, I see it as a come up I'm on my job man, I see you when the suns up Huh, young niggas run everything ASAP to the top and these bitches love everything [Verse 3: ASAP Nast] God bless America, my flow is scarier Style wild like my nigga Common after Erykah Your bitch, I'm in bed with her, head so good Make a nigga feel good to the point I wanna marry her But I be on my pimping shit, check out my limp and shit I be getting money, getting money, can you dig it, bitch? Hoes get on my pimping ship all aboard, all aboard East coast mothafuckas making all the noise, all the noise I know you niggas heard of us, Raf Simon murderers Fashion killa word to Bigga Bars, I never heard of ya Still sipping candy painted whips is what I'm sitting in Get your chemist whipping up that shit that get these bitches in New York nasty flow that's a little bit of crack mixed in with a fifth of Hen Business man, middle finger to your fucking business, man Great adventure shit, rollercoasting take a flick of this Motion picture shit, bitch I grind like a skater do Always Strive and Prosper rock what level we gon' take it to?
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