Текст песни Obie Trice - Spill My Drink

Bottoms Up
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Obie Trice
Альбом: Bottoms Up
Длительность: 04:07
Рейтинг: 606
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: MakaveliShady


[Verse 1] Mo'fuckers poppin at me Baby mama say I can't, be the pappy All this propaganda with my family Everything I got wasn't handed me Had to hit the block so gradually became the man I be (be,be) Sorry that my Pop wasn't a man to me Had to opt for different boyfriends my mammy handed me Performing mammograms on her while I play Atari Scarred me, horribly, horribly (sips drink) Block that thought out, but at times I lose perspective No disrespect but I was forced to think reckless In and out of courts for using illegal methods Guess them poor choices left us disconnected The one who points the finger got four from pointing back Nothing can come between us I'm hoping you knowing that And if I let you down can't keep holding it on my back I've got to stay focused where my sanity's at, sanity's at [Hook] Dodging all these darts in my thougts I seek Can't let these people spill my drink I'mma mob like a boss til my caskets reached Won't let these niggas spill my drink I'm riding through the city sipping Henny with my thoughts in sync Can't let these niggas spill my drink To my niggas gettin money, still hungry, try to stay on your feet Don't let these niggas spill your drink (drink,drink) [Verse 2] Everybody lookin at me Like the boy lookin scraggly Since he ain't with shady Like everything collapsed behind me My contract don't define me It just reminds me That I'm giving up my paper to who signed me And with the dismay of my record release delay I See who was close and how they slipped away now Price you paid when you ball and get on your A.I Crossover was cold now O's under the radar So everything I cherished gotta be re-established All cuz the marriage didn't succeed, it perished The characters I used to feed all vanished Left me on my knees, bleeding with no bandages No gauze when I fall But even through it all I handle this way to ball mechanics is Kept at a hundred them other niggas is ametueres Guess that's the law of the averages-eww [Hook] [Verse 3] So even when your dreaming and them, intervening demons Get to, workin on your inner being Let 'em know you seem 'em When the G that's within in got ya infrared scheming Keep me in your head instead you don't need to bleed him Cuz a boat with no anchor is a boat that's gon sail You don't even need them folk, all's well May they all burn in hell Cuz when all else fails You the truth your blue glass won't spill [Hook]
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