Текст песни Mystikal - Original (Feat. Birdman Lil Wayne)

Original CDS
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Mystikal
Альбом: Original CDS
Длительность: 05:23
Рейтинг: 467
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Загрузил: LilDan


Mystikal – Original Lyrics [Intro] Im a political refugee Thats how the f-ck I felt [Birdman - Chorus] Birds for the summer Hummers for the runners Candy on the paint 9 for the thunder Throw a couple hundreds Fishing on a fishtail With big money shit, cash money oilwell High roller, shot caller, big boss Original, real nigga from the start Head huntin’, price on a nigga tab Hit ‘em up, for playing with a nigga male [Mystikal] Niggas say I’m better than Beethoven To the beat that I rap over Stay outta that medicine cabinet Yeah, thats what they told me They giving us piss test, cause we stay rollin’ And know a nigga act better than a .45 caliber pistol when they loading They penalize us, tryna slow us down They constantly f-cking us up Thats why we’re buck wild Call me porch monkey, call me jigaboo When you know you wanna f-ck my woman and eat my barbeque How the f-ck you gon’ watch my house But don’t wanna live on my street The ape man told Tarzan “how the f-ck you better than me?” Rap I run that rock, and got a jump shot Who we got wife, up in that white house I took a look and didn’t sell out I was in the building and didn’t bail out Hoping muthaf-cker didn’t fail out Back to the top from the jail house Nigga, lace ‘em up, tie ya shoe Catch a cut, we know what pressure do [Birdman - Chorus] [Mystikal] Who out c’here f-cking with me, huh? tell me that I’m bout to drop that shit, where my pamper at? Try to answer that, or give me my mantle back I bury you cockroaches, shoulda left me where I was at You dun made that f-cking bed You dun built this f-cking castle Buckwheat and Alfalfa cant do nothing with this little rascal” Yeah nigga what the hell Talking baby business, yeah Don’t be f-cking with me Cause you wont get off easy I feel just like Drew Brees When they kick off football season How I cut the ref, you can’t stop it from bleeding Rappers betta leave me ‘lone if they gon’ keep on breathing Now keep on starving and I’mma gonna keep on eating And you keep on sucking, and I’mma keep on skeeting You gon be the one bussing or be the one fleeing You better keep on trucking Aint no muthaf-cker trouble this evening [Birdman - Chorus] [Lil Wayne] Uh, aint it crazy how shit be Thats why I flush it I got the Tommy gun with the drum Thats percussion I just popped a couple pain pills, self destruction I made something out of nothing, thanks for nothing I pistol whip ya bitch, knock her out Robitussin Ran up in your house, killed everybody, no discussion Rep, that muthaf-cking red flag like a Russian Yeah, look, I told her baby I’m a thrash her We kissed, I lit her ass up then I ashed her No hard feelings, no car dealing, but I shuffle my queen Duffle bag too heavy to carry to the car My Mary in a jar I’m food, I let the haters add a little salt Thats cool, I do it for all the niggas that try And all the bitches I’ve f-cked, and all my niggas that died Tunechi [Birdman - Chorus]
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