Текст песни RZA - Try Ya Ya Ya

Digi Snacks
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: RZA
Альбом: Digi Snacks
Длительность: 03:32
Рейтинг: 601
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Загрузил: Music_fan


[Thea saying "try ya ya ya, ay ya ya ya" throughout the whole song] [Intro: RZA] Digital... why... [Chorus: RZA] You can't do me nothing, you won't succeed You moving fast, reduce your speed Weak producers, imitate my beat When they face me, make 'em kiss my feet You can't break me, you get deflected Can't remake me, already perfected Wu-Tang slang, to disrespect it Your heart get pierced from hard darts ejected [RZA] I walk wit a pocket computer, out talk the prosecutor Slipped through these metal detectors with plastic German lugers With all rubber bullets, my dogs, they love to pull it Stay black hooded, dunn, Timberland footed Deadly dialect, Digitech, I'm six steps ahead Spread like plague, plus I wire taped the feds Brain wave manipulation, radios in my head Sip Colloidal silver, immune cells get fed Deflecting viruses, I'm overcoming biases True lion of Judah, bout to reclaim the lioness Devil expiration date, time to set the nation straight You should pay attention to the words I articulate [Chorus] [Monk] Goodie goodie, I walk it out in the hoodie And let my shoulder lean, just some gangsta boogie... You now rocking with the best, Compton's finest with finesse By the dress code and approach, you can tell I bang the left West Side of the coast, everybody's cutthroat Bitches love to start shit, they also love to deep throat Three wheel and hundred spokes, while I'm blowing chronic smoke Turning corner after corner, with my Southern Cal folk But the underground in the city life, it ain't a playground I'm loyal, dedicated, always ready to throw down My morals, and my values, retire up on the richter Speak this vivid, so you clearly get the picture And description of a real one, standing in your mist I don't just talk, I walk this Killa Cal shit Footprints of a legend as a I paint the concrete King of the jungle, still no one can compete With my entourage, call ya squad, I checkmate 'em with a pawn Seven moves ahead to off your head, it won't take that long [Chorus]
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