Текст песни Opera Diabolicus - The Gates

Жанр: Epic Metal
Исполнитель: Opera Diabolicus
Альбом: 1614
Длительность: 10:02
Рейтинг: 501
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Lozarg


value the words in my dark tale I speak 'bout the countess of hell with weight of guilt I bear my cross save me, my lord, if you can my strength is weak and my conscience dim hear this plea from a troubled and afflicted soul I light a candle with a wish for death as it slowly burns when the moonlight reaches your window she sweeps out from the dark she moves near, smooth as a cat her ember eyes locked on sight come to me, let's get lost in the twilight seems so long since I saw you, my dear dream away. come take my hand the madam lures you into her service with words sweeter than wine she'll pretend, fill you head up with lies then slowly slash you apart oh, precious life giving blood. "what lurks in the darkness?" you will know she betrayed you from fortune once you've entered her realm magical moments - where is the logic that rhymes? I'll offer my heart and soul to be by your side magical moments - is the truth always stronger than lies? this cannot be happening. I'm losing my mind nunc anima mea turbata est pater, salvifica me ex hora hac et a peccato meo munda me domine, salus mea I saw peasant girls pass the gate. one by one they walked into hell like sheep brought to the slaughter. never to return time. I curse thee time, oh time. the mirror speaks the truth dripping with new spilt blood she thought she'd found a way the secret of eternal youth, for beauty to go by her name wash away all my sorrow, preserve me just the way I am embraced by morning but the anguish linger on this torment does not seem to find infernal madness, her method for pleasure there's no reflection at all oh, precious blood fills the halls. "that dreadful aptitude" she'll make you bleed, tear your flesh into pieces or tie you upon a stake magical moments - here is the logic that rhymes? I opened the gates to hell to rule by your side magical moments - see my skin getting smoother tonight can this be happening? now lick her skin clean deep in my heart, deep in my soul hear the voice begin to speak forever dead, forever free and forever belongs to me deep in my heart, deep in my soul hear the voice begin to speak forever dead, forever free and forever belongs to me forever belongs to me forever belongs to me
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