Текст песни Behemoth - Moonspell Rites

And The Forests Dream Eternally (Remastered 2005)
Жанр: Black Metal
Исполнитель: Behemoth
Альбом: And The Forests Dream Eternally (Remastered 2005)
Длительность: 06:01
Рейтинг: 689
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Falkon


From the dark ancient temples Horrible palaces From the land of dark forests Kingdom of snow and frost Where true evil dwells Where flames are spiritual food Where black satanic holocaust strikes And people are baptized in blood I come with the northern winds I remain true, closed in icy heart Fire! Cold, I'm standing in the moonlight Demons return to me every night Fill my soul with sacred power Mystical whispers resound with hallow echo Spread out my hands Cold, north majesty rises Unsilent winds strike this pagan landscape Where gods sit high on the oaken thrones Fire! I'm the dark warrior, presented in flames Carried on the hellish wings of fire I discover the deepest desires, feel delight I destroy all the god's laws I am almighty, immortal power
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