Текст песни LL Cool J - You and Me (featuring Kelly Price)

G.O.A.T. Featuring James T. Smith The Greatest Of All Time
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: LL Cool J
Альбом: G.O.A.T. Featuring James T. Smith The Greatest Of All Time
Длительность: 05:31
Рейтинг: 729
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Загрузил: Bigbrothas


Damn, you and your man had beef so he left you Uptown, teary eyed, on the back streets for me to scoop up in the Bentley drop Long as God hold me down you know I had to stop What the deal ma? You wanna use my cell? You runnin solo? This block foul as hell You said my ex be beatin on me He mad jealous even though he be cheatin on me Mmm, I said miss, let me tell you somethin bout who's makin major moves and who's frontin Huh, who's talkin loud but ain't sayin nuttin And those who get the one they want but keep frontin He don't appreciate the well til it run dry Love is blind, it's hard to say goodbye {goodbye} But smart birds choose to fly cause we livin in the hood girlfriend, it's do or die Here's my definition, of love everlasting I would trade all my cash in, for passion Tiffany jewels and designer fashions to hear happiness is mine for the askin Every day on my knees I pray that I would run into someone that make me feel this way What you think, you wanna ride with L? Some things are meant to be baby, you never can tell {I wanna ride, with you baby} Every night, every day I just sit and dream about you You and me.. you and me.. Hold me tight, ecstasy Makin love til ever after Baby you and me, yeah.. you and me.. Now we dippin on the FDR It's one of them lucky nights when you can peep out the stars We speak without talkin and the world is ours When I glance over at ya I can feel your power You schemin, L want a one-night stand I'm schemin, she probably in love with her man But we keep on rollin, hopin there's somethin more Dreamin about tomorrow and what life got in store Livin, no drama, we can chill, relax Sex all night in the morn' count stacks Sip Grand Marnier and maybe puff a dime sack but only in moderation, we ain't livin like that, y'know? We jetted up the tavern on the green to talk about love cause the game's extreme Domestic abuse and everything in between Cause I want you to think of me when you need a shoulder to lean on I'm from Queens, I'ma rep to the fullest but I'd rather chill with you, 'stead of dodgin bullets Glock in the stash I don't really wanna pull it on some so-called thug cat, that's faker than acryllics He said your fam be ridin your nerves And you hate him for never givin you the life you deserve Remember, the one who hold a grudge is foul And everything you ever wanted is in front of you now Whassup? [Chorus] I promise you, dreams do come true There's trials and tribulations that we all go through When your heart's bleedin, how could the sky seem blue? But listen up shorty, this is what I wanna do Be there for you, baby care for you When my dogs stare at you never sharin you And to my ex-girlfriend, never comparin you And do the things that your ex never dared to do Time to bounce baby, I'm takin you home Look at the moonlight sparkle on the 20 inch chrome The rocks on my hand got a life of they own plus the blend tape's bumpin and it's settin the tone Should I jet to the hotel, is now the right time or should I be patient and explore your mind? You said you grew up in the ghetto and it hurt your heart Tried to live smart but your dreams fell apart You dated hustlers and brought 'em customers They totally destroyed whatever trust their was Now you hate men and everything they stand for cause you wanna be treated like a queen, not a whore Close your eyes, don't be afraid to dream Open your heart to this cat from Queens Whatever you wanna do, however you wanna do it Back to back baby, we can get each other through it [Chorus 3X] Knahmean? Word up Yeah, yeah C'mon, c'mon C'mon, c'mon Yeah.. I just want you to think about that, y'knahmsayin? Late at night when you layin there and you feel lik
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